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Adjustable dumbbells guide

If you’re like most people, then you probably have some type of plan for staying physically fit. Weightlifting is one of those ways, but it is often done at a great expense to your wallet.

If you’re looking to workout at home, look no further than adjustable dumbbells. Why adjustable dumbbells you ask? The two main positives are affordability and convenience.

One of the positives being affordability, how can adjustable dumbbells be considered affordable when a set of good ones cost you from in mid range?  Those adjustable dumbbells are starting to look cheaper by the minute, eh?

Then there’s the obvious benefit – Convenience. You could get the Metal Ab Cyborg Cruncher Flex 3000 that takes up your entire garage, or you could settle with a nice set of adjustable dumbbells , which take up an entire shoe space in your closet. I’m exaggerating, but you get the picture. Go pick up some adjustable dumbbells , tighten some muscles, and lose some weight. If you find a way to stay committed, it can be that simple.

Adjustable dumbbells are hand weights that can be adjusted easily and quickly to suit the user’s needs. These strengthening equipments are ideal for people who are too busy to go to the gym. They are portable, convenient, safe, and easy to use. They allow the user to choose how much weight he wants to lift. Some brands and dumbbell models require the user to manually attach the weighted plates to the central bar while others have selector pins that can be moved to select the desired weight. However, it is not advisable to buy just about any dumbbell model. A user has to consider several important factors first.

How to Know the Weight Range

Choosing a pair of dumbbells can be quite perplexing if you do not know your needed weight range. A lot of adjustable dumbbells have a maximum weight; some are fifty pounds while others are twenty-five pounds. Decide if you need to get one with a higher or lower maximum weight. Also, keep in mind that adjustable dumbbells can be adjusted depending on their increments. Most of them can be adjusted by five pounds or 2.5 pounds.

Your strength is a primary basis for choosing weight range. Obviously, you must not get a pair of dumbbells that are too heavy for you to lift. Try to lift different sizes of dumbbells with each of your arms. Test their compatibility with your body. Start with the lowest weight range and work your way up. Lift each of them for four to five repetitions. If the dumbbell is too light, try the next one. If you experience pain or discomfort, choose another one. You will know that the dumbbell is right for you if your arm does not get completely worn out after just a few repetitions.

Other bases for choosing the weight range are physique, age, and fitness goal. Beginners as well as those who only aim to tone their bodies need not get weights that are as heavy as the ones that people who do body-building use. Twelve pounds would do well for women while twenty pounds would be enough for men. Compared to women, men usually opt for a heavier weight. They usually get adjustable dumbbells with five-pound increments. Women and older individuals, on the other hand, mostly choose adjustable dumbbells with two-pound increments.

Some Considerations for Buying best Adjustable Dumbbells:

  • Check whether the selector controls for each of the dumbbell is one or two. The dumbbells with one selector are faster. Before buying get a demo and see whether it is easy to insert the plates or they jam up while inserting. The plates should not make noise or bang together while being inserted.
  • Look out for any sharp edges, pins that are sticking out or have dangerous corners. This is important for your safety and comfort of using the dumbbells.
  • Also check out for the safety of the mechanism and their durability. Check that the plates get fastened easily and securely, they should not be even mistakenly partially engaged as it has the danger of plates falling down during the exercise. Check out for any plastic parts that can get broken if the dumbbell is dropped.
  • There are dumbbells which grow as the weights are attached and this makes them bulky to use. So always check whether the dumbbells are of fixed length or grow as the weights are attached.
  • Check whether the dumbbell is for double-handed use. Some exercises require you to hold the dumbbell with both the hands and hence check whether the one you are buying has this option.
  • Check whether the dumbbell you use requires a custom base or any flat surface can be used to change the weight.

Types of Mechanism for Adjustable Dumbbells:

Dial control is one mechanism which is very easy to use. You just need to turn the dial to adjust the weight. The best thing about this is that you do not require doing all the calculations to make combination of the plates.

The disadvantage is that the dial needs to be selected for each weight selection and you may require ten or more clicks to select the desired weight. Since this is a delicate mechanism it may get broken if dropped.

The other is selector pin system in which the plates are selected using steel rods. To select different weights the pin or rod is pushed through different weights. The advantage is very simple and very robust. It is also easy to use without any mental arithmetic involved. The only disadvantage is that you can misalign the pin while inserting. The quick release system is also very easy to use.


Guide to BodyBuilding supplements

A quality bodybuilding supplements guide is not just for muscle-bound individuals pushing their bodies to the ultimate fitness level. In fact, the following products work well for both men and women interested in developing quality fitness without the use of illegal supplements or steroids to become physically fit. In fact, everyday individuals of both genders can use highly effective bodybuilding supplements for losing weight, adding muscle tone, or for gaining muscle mass.

Crucial Bodybuilding Supplements

Many fitness experts believe that maintaining a healthy weight and proper muscle tone requires a balance of 20 percent exercise to 80 percent diet. Even with this recommended guideline, eating right and exercising on a routine basis are not all required to meet proper fitness goals. It also requires the addition of quality supplements to a daily diet.

Any effective BodyBuilding guide supplement will be filled with core supplements that fit individuals use routinely to reach their goals. These supplements include:

Protein Powders

Generally, protein powders are the most common bodybuilding supplements to meet specific fitness goals. Even so, “protein powder” is a misleading generic term. This is because the term can include three distinct products – whey protein, MRP (meal replacement powder) and casein.

• Whey Protein – This type of protein is derived from milk. Whey provides protein to produce a short-term spike in blood levels. This makes it the ideal product for increasing bloodstream protein levels necessary before and after a workout.

• Meal Replacement Powder – These MRPs contain necessary protein, carbohydrates and fat, along with up to 50 percent of the minimum daily requirement intake of minerals and vitamins. These meal replacement powders are formulated to offer a high-protein, complete meal. These powders are highly effective for individuals attempting to lose weight, because each one provides a full meal replacement. It is beneficial to use only one MRP each day, to avoid skipping whole healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits that contain essential natural-occurring proteins.

• Casein – Like whey protein, casein is also derived from milk. While whey protein last a minimal amount of time by spiking protein in the bloodstream, casein protein tends to stay much longer in the body. Because of that, many bodybuilders take the supplement to sustain levels of the protein during sleep, or after a workout.

Creatine and L-Glutamine

Creatine is usually only recommended for individuals preparing to gain muscle mass or engaging in highly intense resistance training. When used correctly, creatine leads to significant weight gain of muscle mass. However, it also makes the body retain water.

L-glutamine is an essential amino acid that stimulates HGH (human growth hormone). It also helps muscles recover after the completion of a strenuous workout.

No beneficial bodybuilding supplements guide would be complete without listing other essential supplements. These include protein-dense vegetables and fruits along with green products taken in a nutrient-dense drink. Bodybuilders also consume fish oil supplements, multi-vitamins, and flaxseed oil as an effective way to get enough omega-3 fatty acids.

This bodybuilding supplements guide has listed products that help individuals stay healthy and fit. However, it is essential to consume proper nutritious foods through a diet that blends quality supplements as a way to ensure the body is receiving proper nutrition.


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